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Reunited and it feels so good!!! More adventures with HBK!!!!!!! [Jul. 28th, 2013|05:05 am]
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OK, so really I'm just back here to post about meeting HBK today (or rather, yesterday), recording for posterity farts. Which reminds me, I shoulda posted about meeting Tony Danza too. "All my love, Tony Danza" "I have a joke! It's a bad one! Why don't Italians like Jehovas Witnesses? Ay, we don't like ANY witnesses..."  Nutshell.

So about a month ago, Kyle calls me up, which is already weird because we always text, so important business may be afoot.
Kyle: What're you doing July 27?
Me: I'll have to check the calendar to see if we hav--
Kyle: NO, you're going to the Oxford Valley Mall with me to meet Shawn.
Me: What.
Kyle: ::unintelligible marking out::

The backstory is that Kyle has a mancrush on Shawn that, if I'm feeling generous, could MAAAAYBE rival my own love for him. And he's never met him before.
So finally the day is upon us. I busted out the red Shawn shirt that only gets busted out for special occasions because I wore it half to death (every Monday night for like 3 years), and a couple zebra print accessories, then I was off to the mall. Luckily it's only 15 minutes away, you know, if you're obeying the speed limit. I made it in 5 because people treat the road to get there like it's the Autobahn 0:) So I park and head inside to begin a long but thrilling day. Like last time, Shawn was fashionably late, but was kind enough to tweet that he was on the way, almost there, and finally in the building. They played his music and we all lost out minds, and I was lucky enough to be close to the front when he walked by on his way to the signing area.
Somebody forgot to tell me that VIP tickets were available, so after each of the 50 VIP fans had their 6(!) items autographed, the line started moving for us regular joes. I managed to get #46 so I was in the first wave, but still, another half hour of waiting.
Finally, I handed him my old ass worn and torn poster from 1995 (went great with my old ass worn and torn shirt) that he signed in a silver marker, which I'm looking at now and loving that you can only see the ink at certain angles so it doesn't totally interfere with the poster image :) Then he looked up at me and said "Thank you darlin' :D"  Le swoon.
While waiting in line to take the photo, a dude with his kid saw my cheesy little camera and offered to sneak me some extra better photos with his huge ass camera. My first instinct is always "No way creeper, I'm not going in your spank bank." But I said F it and took him up on it. So finally it's my turn, and I hand my camera off to one of the employees. Shawn squeezes my hand and starts to put his arm around me, and right before I completely melt into his arms (which are *still* freakin' jacked, OMG), I remember I had a plan...

Me: Shawn, can we do the classic HBK pose?
HBK: Which one is that?
Me: The one where you ::pulls glasses down to bridge of nose, brings hand to chin::
Shawn: OHHyeah! Yeah sure. ::starts to do the pose::
Shawn: You want me to face this way?
Me: ::stifles screaming and other girl-jizzy related reactions::
Me: Yup that's cool, we can stand back to back.

Dude. DUDE. This old school fan just did HBK's old school pose with HBK himself. Holy effin' eff.

Later when I looked at the pic, I realized he snuck in the old "this is my 'sexy smirk'" smirk, which he never does anymore because he's all born again and Christians apparently don't smirk. I didn't get that memo.
Other things about the pic I freak out about: he leaned waaaay far back, my hair is touching his shoulder (LOL), and if he wasn't bedecked in head-to-toe hunting gear, I could to totally photoshop this into an classic promo pic. Heel Lanie. Also, my hair looked incredible despite the humidity, woohoo!

After we took the pic, he said that I remember more than he does, there's a lot he's forgotten. I squeezed his surprisingly uncalloused hand and said, "Oh, I understand" in a tone that said "Because I personally can't remember shit i did 3 days sometimes, ugh."

I went to go find Kyle, and when I found him, I thought I was gonna have to smack him across the face a few times to calm him the hell down. He too had a plan, one meant to capture every last possible milisecond of him popping his Shawn cherry. A plan that he made me listen to a minimum of 20 times.
It went off perfectly. I bought him as much time as possible, so now Kyle is in posession of a photo AND a recording of his special moment. The kid owes me.

We decided to get food, but I had to make a pitstop at Sephora. Dude, meeting Shawn Michaels and a mini makeup splurge, sounds like a good day to me. But wait, there's more! We made it upstairs to the food court, but George's is across from the food court, and Kyle wanted to buy some shit in there. So we're heading over, and I suddenly punch Kyle in the back. Because HBK is walking out of George's directly in front of us on his way to the parking lot. And it just so happens...that Shawn's ride is waiting for him WHERE I PARKED. As we're following him out the door--at a safe following distance ;)--I take out my keys so just in case I, in my HBK shirt, am spotted and look like I'm stalking him, I could explain that i too was going to my car. That sounds legit, right? Yeah sure. Once outside, we see Shawn getting into the passenger seat. I cut in front of the car because my car was parked to the left. So as I'm walking to my car, Shawn's car pulls out, and a few seconds later, i hear Kyle say, "...um... they're following us." I turn around and indeed they are. In fact they drive up right next to us!!! Not sure if Kyle got that on video or not, but as we make it to my car, suddenly Shawn's car starts to make a right turn *into* the parking lot. And then makes another right turn. And then one more. So now Shawn's car is coming BACK DOWN THE AISLE THAT MY CAR IS IN. Kyle goes mad stalkerazzi on their asses as they drive by us, and then shows me his phone, "I got a picture of Shawn's arm!!!" And what a glorious shot it was. If there was a competition for best photos of an arm, this would win it.

Finally, we make it back inside for a late lunch, and while waiting in line, I spy Kyle staring off into space as a creepy grin slowly spreads across his face while he relives the day. We probably annoyed every other diner by freaking out about everything that went on today. I screamed all the way home, and Kyle shed enough tears to have his man card revoked.


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Life imitates art. [Jun. 4th, 2012|09:08 pm]
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No need for revenge. Those who hurt you will eventually screw themselves up. And if you're lucky, God will let you watch.

I'm definitely lucky. I'm watching a most deserving person proverbially die a slow painful death. And the true beauty of it, is this person brought it all on themselves.

Always the first one to loudly condemn drama, she hypocritically incited it herself. Always the one to play victim, and now she truly is, and it's all her own fault. I once saw this person get dealt a karmic ass-kicking IMMEDIATELY after pulling a mindblowingly childish stunt, and tho it was a short-lived beating and easy to recover from, I admit I reveled whole-heartedly in their misery, mainly because I'd never seen somebody get their just desserts that quickly and painfully, and I got to watch it happen, LOL ;)
Now, I'm not a vengeful person, at least not anymore, I've mellowed out, I've matured. I'm a grown-up now. See, adults know how to let unfavorable things go, accept things, or handle things with grace. But really, what human wouldn't get a much satisfied giggle when hearing such a horrible person is getting their comeuppance? And that they've been getting exactly what they deserve all along? And the icing on the cake is that your own life has been conversely on a 100 mph upswing the entire time?
At one point I was this person's best friend, a role I take seriously - I don't let just anyone into my life, I trust fully, I love fully, I treat people the way I'd want to be treated, and expect the same from them. I would defend this person to the hilt, even when I saw their fault in the situation. It was always easy to see both sides of every eye-roll inducing petty melodramatic fight she "found" herself in, and I in vain would explain how her actions looked to everyone else. But in the end, as best friend, I would back her up. I wonder now if it was also out of sub-conscious pity, because I was slowly seeing more and more people distance themselves from her. Alas, for all my loyalty, this sneaky coward could not muster up the guts and respect to be honest with me. I was stabbed in the back and saw this disgusting person for who she truly is. Such scumbags are a waste of life. My patience had dwindled over the years thanks to the countless assholes who'd come before, thus I'd immediately written her off to the point where she ceased to exist in any way that mattered. She entertains the thought that she looks like a teenager, but if you act like said overemotional idiot when you're almost freaking 30, you don't deserve another chance. There's likely no hope for you. Change my mind, I dare you. Until then, you're just a waste of my time. On second thought, don't try to change my mind. I'd be as batshit crazy as you to invite you back in. You'll see a lot of people feel the same. Even your other two closest friends. When they also tag you as a miserable, lonely bitch, well, "a million people can't be wrong."

So let's take stock of the karmic beatdown here: You wake up everyday, nothing new and exciting on the horizon except the drive to a life-sucking job run by bumbling delusional perverts, and then you come home to parents who do a poor job of hiding their pity for you because no man finds you attractive enough to be in a mature relationship with you (I guess men can spot a psycho sooner than women). Typically you find any excuse for this, but let's get real, it's your ugly personality. You're losing all of your friends, even your "gay hubby." Oh hey, how's that feel? You made long-term plans with a bestie, and they turned around and did something else with another. Burn. If I were you, I'd hate my life-uh too. However, my life is kicking maximum ass, because I'm a good person :) You reap what you sow, and judging by that miserable scowl you're always sportin', I guess that makes you the grim reaper, huh? Tee-hee.
So you're alone, because your true colors become obvious to more and more people everyday. People who get stuck in your presence only tolerate you on somebody else's behalf. While forced to watch others living a full, rich, deserved life, you probably drink away the pain, and then hate yourself even more in the morning. So go on, plaster on that phony smile and pretend to be happy for others, and then go talk about them behind their backs like always. This obviously works for you, look where you are and how spectacular your life is!!

You deserve nothing good in your life, and if something finally comes along that puts a genuine smile on your face, it'll be fleeting. Karma will dangle it in front of your face, or you'll screw it up. Good job!

Revenge? Nah, I'm gonna sit back and let karma eff you up.

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Reflective, thankful, and ready. [Dec. 20th, 2011|09:35 pm]
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There's still 11 days left of this year, but I'll reflect now instead of later since I'll very likely be out of my mind come 11:59 pm on December 31 :)

The theme for 2011 has been reflection and thankfulness. Since mid-summer, most of my thoughts have revolved around the Hollywood style turn-of-events that is my recent career history. The rest have been split between dreams come true, daydreams on the path to realization, and general gratitude and hope.

During quiet moments at work, I look around my cozy office, and am thankful that, first of all that I have a job, and that I have AN OFFICE. My own private office that I've been given the freedom to situate and decorate to my liking. Which is basically a spa what with my scented candles, low lighting and soft music :) Throw in the fact that my job is doing art all day, well hey, not bad at all. And I'm so thankful to have traded in scumbag, scam artist, know-nothing bosses for ethical people who know the ins-and-outs of their business; shady, skank-bag, lazy, dim-witted coworkers for unselfish people who truly work as a team and really know their stuff; and the mindnumbing cookie-cutter sameness for a different, start-from-scratch project every other day. It's always darkest before dawn, so to have escaped a workplace that was traumatic on an almost daily basis, to earning a job with a prestigious title that I don't completely abhor, it's like the sun is shooting its beams right through my door. And on certain days it really does, and it's pretty cool lookin' cuz I removed most of the flouresent tubes in the overhead lights, and the natural light reflects in a really cool way off the peaceful pastel shade of green paint on the walls. But I digress :)

The moments my thoughts drift to other topics besides having a job that doesn't make me want to blow my brains out are occupied by memories of longstanding wishes coming true. Silly things for sure, but exciting nonetheless. Things like meeting my most favorite band of all time for my 30th birthday. Reliving my childhood with a roadtrip to Florida to do Disney World, Epcot and Busch Gardens. And the simplest one of all: just living a life I love, day to day in an apartment I love, with a man I love.

Thankful for this year's victories, both great and small. Excited for what may come in the next 12 months, both surprises I don't see coming, and goals that are finally achieved. Hopeful that nothing awful happens either to me or those I care about. Grateful for the strength that comes from picking yourself up if misfortune does strike, and taking something from the situation that only makes you better than before.

2012 just has to be a good year, its our last one, gotta make it count :)
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I MET NEAL AND SOME OTHER GUYS!!!!! [Aug. 20th, 2011|04:41 am]
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OMG, I don't even know where to begin!!!! I'd been going outta my mind trying to explain to people the significance of my weekend plans when they asked!! I still can't really speak, I just get this painfully HUGE grin and I start sputtering and shrieking. It's pathetic, but I don't care, I FREAKIN' MET JOURNEY!!!!!! I just got the pic off the ILAA site this evening, and posted on facebook all the pics Matt took that day/nite, totally re-living the entire thing!! It took me a week to get it together enough to post SOMEthing!!! I took off the Monday after the show cuz I knew I'd be WRECKED after all that, and I tried to clean up some of the photos but made the mistake of playing Journey on the Zune while I did it. Matt took alost 200 pics, i think I fixed like 10 before I gave up. I couldn't do anything but replay all the awesome memories!!!! Our tourguide who looked like Johnny, getting to stand next to my guitar hero Neal and being wowed at just how short he really was, Matt busting on Jon for being anti-social, hearing Night Ranger play Damn Yankees' High Enough, catching guitar picks from both those bands, the giant beachballs o' death, Neal making eye contact and posing, and hearing SEND HER MY LOVE FOT THE FIRST TIME IN YEEEEAAAARS!!!!!!!! Holy crap, how freaking amazing. Best birthday ever. Even without a Shawn cake ;)
Of course Neal wore his sunglasses for the pic, I knew he would. I even thought about bringing sunglasses with me to wear, too. He said "How ya doin'" and I think I just squealed (hahah I'm so smooth) because I thought, "Wow, he actually sounds like himself." Matt laughed at my surprise, but I think after hearing wrestlers put on their ring voices, and then speak normally outside of it, I'm never sure what to expect. I remember freaking out when I heard Perry's speaking voice on Rockline (wow, is that really the first interview I ever heard?), it sounded just like his singing voice. I suppose hearing people with accents sing so clearly and then not catch one word when they talk doesn't help matters either :p Anyway, I think I answered him, probably said like hey or something equally brilliant, and then shook his and Arnel's hands. Matt shook everybody's hand, probably making Ross's day, aw. Tourguide Jeff said before we all went in, "Ladies, no hugging or kissing the bandmembers!" Psh. I wrapped my arm around Neal and he, in Matt's words, "Cozied up to you for the pic, WTF?!!" It reminded me of meeting Nikki Sixx when he leaned in for our picture, daaah!!!! :D One ridiculous smirk and weird Razor Ramon curl later, it was over, and we were off to collect our giftbag and find out where we would be sitting that evening - ROW THREE ON NEAL'S SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!  AAAAAAAAAAHHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! It didn't hit me at first how lucky we were to be on his side since we didn't get to pick the seats. If the concert we're attending is Journey, then sitting on Neal's side is what happens. Always. There is no other option, it doesn't even enter my mind :p So no wonder I didn't think twice when we sat down. Every band was great! Being chemically imbalanced made it even more fun, altho I'm sure I looked insane during certain songs, bwahahaha. Neal was totally with us all night, the eye contact, the posing, there were even times I involuntarily made his trademark guitargasm faces, hahahah. I'd open my eyes just as he was relaxing his face too!! My FAVORITE moment was when Arnel hit the ramp, and, no joke, everybody in our section turned to the left to watch him, but Matt and I stayed facing straight ahead watching Neal, and he saw this, and looked right at us and held serious eye contact!!! It was like he was playing just for us!!!!!! OMFG I was such a glorious wreck; I'd sweat my arse off, I had multiple eargasms, holy shit, I'm doing this every year. Yes. I've made up my mind. Saving starts now.
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Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Jul. 25th, 2011|04:28 pm]
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I can't believe it!!!!!!!!! That's my official title!!!!!!!! SUCK ON THAT, SCUMBAGS!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA, AH WIN!

But seriously, this is exactly the stuff I said when people ask me about "the perfect job"!!! And it's finally mine!!!!!! Karma Chameleon!!!! Life is on a 100mph upswing and I intend to enjoy every freaking second of it!!!!! All the sneaky, unsavory sacks o' crap still infesting Strife Hella Frustration can wallow in their misery while I surge onward and upward (yay Barb!) to the upper echelon of my chosen career!!! Lol BONUS! :p

This calls for, say it with me now, EVEN MORE CELEBRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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I always said "PERFECT BY 30" - I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!! :D [Jul. 21st, 2011|06:16 am]
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Can I just say that so far, this year has been amazing career-wise?! I get a 6 month paid vacation after working at THE worst "company" ever to exist, then in just this last week, I ace two interviews and get offered BOTH positions!!!!!!!!! The first job was Lifetouch-- OH IRONY!!!!!!!! The two biggest idiots at Strife Hella Frustration, well, the ones who weren't bosses, both considered themselves "photographers"... BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And one of them worked at Lifetouch! In the training manual they gave me, there was actually a rule that said, "When you are at a shoot, DO NOT sit on the floor eating lunch with your shoes off." I just KNOW that rule was "inspired" by BF. Anyway, I applied for it because it's literally down the street from me (no more 45min BS drive to bumfark North Wales!!) and because they said in the job description that they'd train me to use a professional camera, a Canon D30!!!!!! I did the interview on Wednesday, and Friday they called me offering the job!!!! I totally freaked because having professional photo shoot experience is something alot of Art Director positions ask for!!!! And now I can put it on my resume!!!!!!!!!! One step closer!!!!!!!!!! Cha-chiiiing, meng!!!! I set up and tore down a mobile studio, and yesterday we were on-site at a shoot in NJ. I was in a training group of 5 girls, so 3 of us and a secretary (the lady who gets the kids ready with the drape and the tuxedo) made the trip and of course got lost because NJ is nuts and phone GPSes are terrible. We set up, and then the rest of the day I got voicemails about graphic design jobs XD  We were shooting in the school library and I was standing in the Geography section when I got the voicemail that the other company was offering me the position!!!!!!!!! It was seriously all I could do to not just cartwheel thru the aisle!!!!! The best part is MORE MONEY THAN I'VE EVER MADE BEFORE, AAAAAAND I GET MY OWN OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THIS PLACE IS AROUND THE CORNER FROM LIFETOUCH!!!! STILL ONLY A 10-15 MINUTE DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good things happening to good people instead of shady a$$holes or sneaky skanks, LOL!!! Meg referred me to this new company (yay networking!), and the boss had me talk with the departing designer. Everything she does is something I already know how to do! We totally hit it off, finishing each other's sentences, trading horror stories, the works!!! :D She'd talked to two other applicants, then when the boss called offering the job, he said she told him I was far and away the best candidate!!!!!!!! And also that I had a great personality, crucial because the designer is involved in A LOT of other company stuff, including taking new clients out to lunch!!!!!!! AND WE'RE NOT TALKING SPATOLA'S, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I'm so excited, the hours are flexible, the summers are slow so I'm allowed to take a paid layoff, the pay is GREAT, there's ROOM FOR GROWTH AND ADVANCEMENT, and did I mention MY OWN OFFICE?!!!!!

OMG, this is everything I dreamed of. Thank you God, guardian angels, and patron saints ♥
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AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! BEST WEEK EVER!!!!!!!!! [May. 11th, 2011|11:29 pm]
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[raised on radio |Me screaming!! :D]



Seriously, what is going on here?!!! :D
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